I'm Running for the Node.js Foundation BoD

My name is Jared Hanson and I'm running to represent individual members of the Node.js Foundation on the Board of Directors.

I have been involved in the Node.js ecosystem for more than five years in many facets: developing and maintaining modules, providing documentation and education, raising awareness and building community. Passport.js serves as the most widely recognized example of these efforts, having become the most popular authentication framework used by Node.js developers in everything from established enterprises to small startups and personal projects.

Witnessing the success and growth of Node.js over this time has been incredible. Companies big and small have adopted Node.js in major ways, trusting their business to operate on the platform. This trust reflects the efforts by the community to grow the community, including people of all skill levels and backgrounds. As a member of the Board of Directors, I want to help continue and accelerate this success and growth.

In addition to my open source contributions, I'm also on the engineering team at Auth0, where the software stack is powered by Node.js. One of the rewarding aspects of working at Auth0 is their commitment to contributing to the community. They've sponsored meetups where I've given presentations about my experiences working on open source projects. They also actively contribute to open source, including supporting both Passport and OAuth2orize.

As a representative of the individual members, my experience is uniquely relevant. A great deal of Node's success is the result of individual efforts in the wider ecosystem, in particular the development and support of open source modules. These efforts contribute to the value of Node.js as a platform, and the value companies derive from using it. This value is reinforced when companies contribute as well, by hiring and training developers and supporting or creating open source projects.

I believe the ecosystem has been well served by the contributions of both individuals and companies. I am pleased that the Node.js Foundation has chosen to have individual representation on the Board of Directors. I would be honored to provide that voice, helping the foundation support individuals and strengthening our relationship with corporate members.

Thanks for your consideration.

01/13/2016 2:58 PM